Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Year's Day National Debt Update

Happy New Year fellow Christians and citizens. I hope everyone reading this had a safe and uneventful holiday.

As we near the end of the celebration of the first day of 2017, says that our national debt is just 50 Billion Dollars short of 20 Trillion Dollars ($20,000,000,000,000). That's a lot of zeros isn't it. That also comes out to over 61 Thousand Dollars per citizen and 166 Thousand Dollars per taxpayer, not counting over 800 Thousand Dollars per taxpayer in unfunded liabilities.

Even if our new President tries to do the right thing, it is an uphill battle against The Bilderberg Group, Federal Reserve, and Congress.

I encourage everyone who reads this to continue to stock up on long shelf life foods, water, and other essentials. If you haven't started, please do so. Our economy and national debt is as such that there could be a major economic collapse at anytime that would prevent food from reaching and staying in our stores, and more. It is could happen before the Lord's return.

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Remember my mottos please: I would rather be a fool for preparing and it not happen than to be a fool for not preparing it is does happen; Hope for best, prepare for the worst, pray God's will be done.

Thank you.