Saturday, October 22, 2016

By Brother Bret Lovitz, Founder and Director of the Fellowship of
Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots (FCCCP) 

Prepping? Is that a term for reserved just for whacked out conspiracy theorists? Not hardly. Many people already prep to one degree or another. It is wise that we do so in case of a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or job loss. What about when people "prep" for retirement? Is this something that Christians should not even consider doing? Are there any examples or principles in the Bible about food prepping? In light of our economy with a national debt of over 19 trillion 700 billion dollars as of 10/17/2016 and with so many people unable or unwilling to live off the land, would it be biblical and wise to prepare or unbiblical and foolish? Is there anything at all in God's word that deals with this, and if so, what are some guiding scriptural principles? Let's take a look, and you can decide between you and the Lord for yourself.

1. In Genesis chapter 41 we have the account of Egypt storing up for a famine. You remember the story don't you? Joseph was providentially imprisoned for something he didn't do so it would be revealed that he has the God given gift of interpreting dreams. The Egyptian Pharoah had a disturbing dream that he didn't understand, so he was told about Joseph who had already interpreted dream while in prison. Jospeh interpreted the Pharoah's dream and told him to set aside one fifth of the produce each year during seven years of plenty to prepare for seven years of famine.

God may not be speaking to us in the same way today, but isn't the figurative handwriting on the wall? Many finaincial experts say that a major economic collapse is imminent and could very well bring about serious consequences that include not being to go to the store to get the food and other necessities that we have taken for granted. The above principle is still applies in this writer's and many others' opinion.

2. In 1st Timothy chapter 5 verse 8, the Apostle Paul tells Timothy that those that do not provide for their own is worse than an infidel. Wouldn't this include being able to do so in possible hard times that could occur in our country and lifetime before the Lord's return?

3. In Acts chapter 2 verses 44-46 it says the early church had all things common and shared with those that had need. If there is a major economic collapse, the local churches and body of Christ will need to return to this level of sharing and help.

4. Proverbs chapter 16 verse 9 reminds us that the heart of man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps. Ahh, that wonderful tension of man making decisions in life and the Lord still being in control and accomplishing His will and purpose. In the situation with Joseph and Pharaoh thousands of years ago, God's purpose in that was to save the Israelite's beginning with Jacob and his twelve sons and families. If it is God's will for His people to prepare for a major economic collapse, that too could be to save His people. Which leads us to the next biblical principle and some others.

5. James chapter 4 verses 13 through 15 says come now we that say we will go into a certain city to buy and sell and get gain, because we don't know what will happen tomorrow. Therefore we ought to say Lord willing we do this or do that. That should be our attitude and motive with any plans we make including preparing for an imminent major economic collapse.

6. Remember the parable of the covetous man building his barns? It's in Luke 12:15-31. The issue wasn't so much that he was doing it, but why he was doing it. If we stock up for self glory and recognition so others can see us and how sucessful we are, then that is sin. But if we do it for the right reasons and have the right attitude and motives, then it is not only okay but wise.

7. In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6 we see Jesus talking about several more things that are important when considering and preparing for a major economic collapse: 1) We are not to lay up for ourselves treasures on earth but in Heaven. 2) We are not to be anxious or worry about tomorrow let alone the possible consequences of a major economic collapse. This is just about being informed so people can wisely and calmly think through what they would do if due to an enemy attack and/or economic collapse we lose many of the modern conveniences we take for granted such as going to the store to get what we need when we need it, water, fuel, electricity, and more. So if you agree and start or return to prepping, don't forget #...3) Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Do you think Jesus was telling them not to hunt or garden anymore? Of course not. But don't make it an idol or god or top priority. If you're a Christian, continue or return to worshiping and serving the Lord as a member of a bible believing gospel preaching grace embracing church. If you're not already a member of a church like that, we hope that you will prayerfully consider our's. As a church we will follow this principle as well. We can talk about these things after church, in services other than Sunday school and morning worship, monthly and special meetings, and provide materials. But by the grace of God we will not let the potential danger rob of us of godly joy and God of His glory.

No one knows how things will unfold. With our national debt approaching 20 trillion dollars, the problem is not going away. There is no guarantee that the Lord will return before a major economic collapse that could happen at any time. If we stock up and the Lord does come for His Church before something happens, just like with any other possessions we have we leave it behind anyway, it doesn't matter. But if it's something that happens before the Lord's return, and we haven't tried to prepare, then what? Do you trust the governments to do the right thing? Don't government officials have a sin nature too that could be further corrupted by power & greed? Are you sure they would not try to take advantage of the situation with a power grab? Martial Law? Mandatory evacuation to FEMA Centers (remember Hurricane Katrina?)?

Pray about what you should do. Pray about the problem and for our leaders. Trust in the Lord! Remember that just like looking for jobs, planning for retirement, and more, God ordains the means as wll as the end. Consider my two mottos: 1) I would rather be a fool for preparing and nothing serious happen than to be a fool for not preparing and something serious does happen. 2) Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and pray God's will be done.

Lastly, while I'm a firm believer that we should do what we can by God's grace until we see His revealed will, remember that no one can take away the salvation Jesus Christ has given through His sacrifical death and bodily resurrection to those who are born again and believe. God is holy- we are sinners because we have not kept God's laws and commandments- but Christ Jesus is Lord and Savior forgiving those who trust in Him and what He did.

Feel free to make more copies of this letter and distribute it. I just ask that you leave the attribution and not change anything. May God use this as He sees fit for His honor and glory!