Tuesday, February 2, 2016

National Debt Reaches 19 Trillion Dollars

Yesterday, the Washington Examiner carried an article saying that the National Debt has reached 19 Trillion Dollars
and that it only took about a year to get there from 18 Trillion. That's a whole lotta moola that is still increasing like a runaway train. While we are going through the motions to elect a new President for our country, the National Debt will continue to grow and will reach about 20 Trillion Dollars by the time the new U.S. President takes over. Of course that is assuming the economy does not collapse before then, which is a real possibility. I work at a bank now (I need a job), and wonder what it would be like if banks have to once again tell people they cannot take all of their money out, and what it will be like. May the Lord spare us a major economic collapse, but it may not be His will to do so. 

UsDebtClock.Org says the National Debt is almost 19 Trillion 4 Billion Dollars as of the date and time of this post. That comes to almost 59 Thousand Dollars per citizen
and almost 159 Thousand Dollars per taxpayer. Mt four grandchildren owe a total of Two Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Dollars. God only knows how much it will be by the time they all graduate High School if the Lord wills and tarries His return. 

Are we doing enough to try to reduce this National Debt? Or should we just keep sitting on our hands and care more about sports and entertainment?

~ Pester Brat

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