Thursday, September 10, 2015

To Prepare Or Not To Prepare

It occurred to me a week or so ago, that while I have outlined a proposed recovery plan for our nation, I have never really outlined or enumerated what people should do in case the economy does indeed collapse like many economists think. Oh I have written and talked about, but not in a detailed point by point way. And while I think this should be done because it is better to be safe than sorry in light of God seemingly withholding His hand of protection and because so many people live in urban and suburban areas, there are of course no guarantees if, when and how it will unfold. So I will also share why doing a certain preparation may not work out. As of 11:45 pm Central Time on September 10, 2015, the National Debt according to is over 18 Trillion 381 Billion Dollars. That is over 154 Thousand Dollars per taxpayer and 57 Thousand Dollars per citizen.

Also, in case some you reading this haven't read others posts or watched videos, let me say again that we are to trust in the Lord with all of this. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything just like a person shouldn't trust in the Lord for providing a job for him without sending out applications and resumes. God ordains the means as well as the end.

1. Stock up on food. Long and not so long shelf life canned foods. If you will not be able to feed your family by hunting, fishing, and gardening, then this seems wise. Many people say that if the economy has a major collapse that food will not make it to the grocery stores. And don't forget about infants.

Some people believe that Martial Law will be implemented and that FEMA or another agency will not allow those who planned ahead with stocking up on food, to keep it. Also, in this scenario, hungry people will try to find those who have food and try to take it by force.

2. Stock up on water. If there are massive job losses and you cannot pay your water bill, what will you do? Also get you a good water filter. I read something recently reminding us of the three threes: three seconds without oxygen, three days without water, and three weeks without food is about the length of time our body can go without each of those. Experts says that our bodies need a minimum of 4.6 ounces of water per day, but that doesn't consider increased labor for gardening etc. Preppers say we should plan for one gallon of water per day per person.

However, as with the food, FEMA may not allow people to hang on to their water either.

3. Stock up on gasoline. If an EMP event is not involved and we can still use our vehicles, you will want to have gasoline to transport you to another location if you are not going to stay at home.

Many people think that we will be attacked by an EMP because our "enemies" know what will cripple us the most. Not only is it possible that FEMA will not let us keep gasoline, if you are part of a small percentage that thought ahead to stock upon gas, others that didn't may come for your gas and...vehicle.

4. So try to have one vehicle that's paid for to have for transportation. In an economic collapse,they still may repossess our vehicles that are not paid for if we can continue to make payments. Paying ahead a month or longer if you're able may "buy" you some time.

If there is an EMP event, not only will we not have electricity, our vehicles will not work. Do you have bicycles? What about tire repair kits?

5. Buy a generator. This may not help long term, but it could be a great help temporarily. I have read that propane generators are better because it is a cleaner fuel. If so, you should stock up on propane as well.

Again, God only know what FEMA or another agency will do, but I heard a man discuss recently that there would be the danger from those who may hear your generator running. Also, generators may not work in an EMP event.

6. Stock up on ammunition if you own any guns. Ammunition may be difficult if not impossible to come by after a major economic collapse. If you believe in it, you will likely need to protect your family from those hungry and thirsty people I mentioned that try to take any food, water, etc., that you stocked up on.

This is something that couples and families need to discuss ahead of time so everyone will be on the same page about whether to defend yourselves or not. When Martial Law has been declared in the past, the authorities came for the guns. If you own one or more guns, will you turn them in or hide them if/when "they" come for them?

7. Where will you live? Your home? Your church? Another person's home? Will you be able to stay at home long term if you want to? Is your mortgage paid off? Do you need to buy some time at home for a few months so that it would be wise to pay ahead on your mortgage payments? What about your property taxes? Maybe it would be a good idea to pay a year ahead on your property taxes if you plan on staying for a while?

Many believe that FEMA or another agency will not let people stay in their homes and churches even if they can? The reason why would lead us into conspiracy theories that may or may not be true. Whether due to alleged protection or control, it is still a real possibility. Have you talked to your church? Is your church property paid for? How much property does the church have? Will there be people that have no where else to go, there? Whether the church, or a family member whose home is paid for, it would be wise to discuss these things ahead of time rather than wait until something happens and possibly not be able to communicate with them.

8. Don't forget other things like matches, shovels, rakes, hoes, manual can openers, seeds, and any other item that is important or a necessity if you would not be able to get it at the store. Consider getting items just for bartering, since that will likely be the main way business is done if there is a major economic collapse.

Is it possible that there won't be a major collapse, but we'll keep having "great depressions" and experience hyperinflation? Yes, it's possible, but should we take that chance? Is it too late to do something about our economy? Many think that it is, and some like me think we should be more proactive to try to get them to reverse it until we see God's revealed will. Could the Lord come back before this would happen? Yes He could. But what if He doesn't? What if it  happens before a pre-tribulational rapture of the church following the dead in Christ rising first? What if we go through the tribulation period? What if the tribulation period occurred over 1900 years ago? What if God has already begun and continues restraining His hand of protection due to murder of the unborn, marketing baby's body parts, sex outside the bond of marriage between one man and one woman, same sex marriage, idolatry, and more? Should Christians be completely passive in what may take place? God gave Pharaoh  a dream for Joseph to interpret so that they would set aside food during the good years so they would have it during the bad years. Was God wrong for doing that? Of course not. Now maybe some people would say that God is not telling us that like He did for them. But isn't the principle still there? We have a responsibility to provide for our families. As long as we don't do it for our own glory and remember "if the Lord wills we will do this or do that" I think it is wise to prepare. What you do is between you and the Lord. But the economy is as such that there could be a major collapse any day, week, month, or year. We need to be wise stewards financially, but we can't take it with us either. When it is all said and done, Christians can rejoice because no one can take away the salvation Christ freely gave us through His sufficient, substitutionary, satisfactory, sacrifice, and glorious resurrection for those who are born again unto a repentant faith.

I close sharing again my two mottos:

I would rather be a fool for preparing for a major economic collapse and it doesn't happen, than be a fool for not preparing and it does happen.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, pray God's will be done.

~ Pester Brat

Monday, September 7, 2015

10 Reasons Why People Should Own and Carry a Gun

Happy Labor Day from the U.S. Occupied state of Alabama (sorry, I just like saying that). Wow, there sure has been a lot going on even since my last post, which was 3 1/2 weeks ago. Violence everywhere. Economy getting worse. Gas prices here at 1.899 per gallon. While I have always believed gun ownership is biblical and constitutional, I never thought I would be where I am today with the Second Amendment. But perhaps some of you are like me and cannot do everything I talk about due to finances. I also was laid off and out of work for 3 months and still only working part time. When things like that happen you often need to sell things you have.

Having said all of that though,below are 10 reasons why I believe people should own and carry a gun. I know some may not believe in that, and I know some may need to learn how to shoot and practice if you get or have a gun. But here are my reasons for you to prayerfully consider doing so.

1. Race baiting and violence. There is a lot of violence going on between whites, blacks and hispanics. But sadly,the "lamestream" media is focusing on the white on black violence. President Obama has been making it worse by commenting on just the white on black violence. Add to him, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpten, and it makes it even worse.

2. Notorious Nation of Islam speaker (I'm not going to call him a preacher) Louis Farrakhan has called for the death of 10,000 white people.

3. The New Black Panthers has called for the death of white police officers.

4. Terrorists have been crossing the unprotected southern border with illegal immigrants.

5. Most of the illegal immigrants that have been crossing the southern border are criminals or gang members.

6. To help protect our police officers that are being attacked as we have seen in the news recently.
7. Even though Open Carry of guns is legal in many states such as the last three states we have lived in (Alabama, Florida, Idaho), many citizens are not aware of that right, haven't thought through the issue, and are fearful assuming the person is a "bad guy." Police officers feel obligated to check out complaints of citizens that Open Carry and some of those police officers unlawfully and unconstitutionally disarm or arrest the few but growing number of people that Open Carry. If more citizens would Open Carry then the public would be gradually get used to it and accept it.

8. Violence in general. Statistics have proven over and over again that those counties, cities or states that allow Open Carry or Concealed Carry without a permit, has much lower gun related crimes and violence.

9. If/when there is a major economic collapse you won't have access to or have the money to purchase guns and ammunition. There will be chaos, mayhem and violence after such an event occurs so that you may need to protect your family and property from those who would become lawless and unconstitutional.

10. Number 9 would also apply in the event of an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) event as the result of extreme solar flares that some experts say our world is due for at any time, or an enemy attack.

As a Christian, I believe that God is ultimately the one who protects His people. He certainly can do it without our use of guns. But also see throughout God's word the Bible that He ordains the means as well as the end. We also know this from experience. God doesn't need doctors and surgeries but uses them. He could get me a job while I do no searching, but He uses my searching. My hope and prayer is that I never have to shoot someone if I ever get in better financial shape and get another gun. But these reasons and perhaps some I have overlooked for now are good reasons why you may want to not only own a gun, but also open or conceal carry a gun. God's word permits it, and it is certainly constitutional. Soli Deo Gloria!

~ Pester Brat