Tuesday, December 30, 2014

To Stay or Not To Stay

If the U.S. Economy collapses or things get progressively worse to the point where various families can no longer make it on their own, what will you do? What should you do?

Of course keep in mind that this and other articles are written from the perspective of whether it happens before the Lord returns for His Church/people.

Whether or not we stay where we are or move elsewhere depends on how the events unfold if this happens. Here are some questions for your prayerful consideration that I believe every family and church needs to take seriously. Again, I hope this doesn't happen at all or the Lord returns before it does, like most everyone else. But we don't know if He will, and the economy worsens by the second. 

Do you have a mortgage? If so, is it paid for? Will banks go ahead and foreclose on homes that are not paid for and you fall behind in your mortgage payments if it is a collapse? Even if your home is paid for, will your county and city let you stay if property taxes cannot be paid?

If you rent will your landlord need to move back if you're in a house or condo, and will they still have you evicted regardless of the type of home you rent if you fall behind in your rent payments?

Is the collapse accompanied by a natural or man-made EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)?

Will the federal or state government declare martial law? Will the federal or state government mandate evacuation to the closest FEMA Center?

If you have to drive to where you're planning to go and no EMP is involved, will you have the fuel to get you there? Do you live in the city, suburbs or rural area?

Do you have enough land to hunt and/or garden? Do you live on or by a waterway?

Have you tried to talk to physical family members or Christian/Church family members to come up with a plan based on who has their home paid for, how much property they have, and where they are located?

Does your church have land and is the property paid for? What does your church think about these concerns?

Do you have food, water, and more stocked up, or will you have to go to others who do?

Who will be able to help protect you from those who would try to take things from you?

It would be wise to plan and prepare now if you haven't already. If the Lord returns before a possible (actually 'probable' is a better word me thinks) economic collapse, it won't matter anyway.

Remember: Joseph, Pharoah, the famine, and the plans & prep; The parable of the man who built up his barns for his own glory; That we should say "if the Lord wills we will do this or do that;" That he that does not provide for his own is worse than an infidel; That a man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps; To trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and lean not on our own understanding, in all our ways acknowledging Him and He will direct our paths.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pester Brat's Basic Economic Recovery Plan

Pester Brat's Basic Economic Recovery Plan

Many experts believe that the economy is past saving. Many Christians believe that our suffering economy will lead to a one world currency and government, and is therefore something we should just let unfold as part of God's plan without trying to do something about it.

I believe that God is sovereign and that man is responsible, and that until we know what His revealed will is for our country at this time, that we should do what we can by God's grace to repair our failing economy. I claim no expertise in this area. I am just trying to use my experience as a worker in manufacturing, supervisor in manufacturing, labor relations, and being a church pastor, along with a little common sense, to do what we're supposed to avoid an economic collapse before the Lord's return. This may seem simplistic, and this would involve a "waking up" of many citizens to hold our elected officials accountable.

1. Repentance of nationally condoned and accepted sins of abortion and sex outside the bond of marriage between one man and one woman until 'death do they part.'

2. Such repentance includes professing Christian Churches (judgment begins with the house of God) repenting of having leaders and members with lifestyles of sexual sin, and more.

3. Greatly reduce government spending by eliminating the annual deficit that would include such things as eliminating Departments (Energy and Education for example), eliminate or greatly reduce all social programs, and generally just greatly reducing the size of the U.S. Government.

4. Major overhaul of the IRS and income taxes. This may involve going to a "fair tax" or "flat tax" and eliminating the IRS altogether, and both the federal government and state governments eliminating all double taxation.

5. Term Limits for Senators and Representatives in Congress.

6. Reduce or eliminate the tax burden of small businesses.

7. Pressure big businesses and perhaps offer tax incentives to them to return manufacturing to the United States, and provide more jobs to Americans.

8. Repeal Obama Care, and render Obama's unconstitutional executive order for Amnesty of Illegal Immigrants null and void and/or all States in the Union nullify the order in their State.

9. Stop policing the world and greatly reduce interventionist policies and actions. Close many/most bases that we have around the world (who are we to think we can have bases in other countries when we don't allow others to have them here?). Stop using our soldiers who are sincerely wanting to serve and protect our country, for greed, power, and perhaps other conspiratory purposes. Stop unconstitutional wars!

10. Return to a constitutional form of money and end the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

Have any more suggestions? Don't think this is enough or will work? What about details of the suggestions mentioned above? Let's discuss this.

Are You Stocking Up?

On what, you may be asking yourself? Well, in our society, we rely a lot on having money and being able to go to our favorite grocery store. But what if something happened, and you didn't have the money to do that? What is something tragic happened and there was not any food in grocery stores? What would you do? What can you do?

Of course much if it depends on the type of home you have. Do you live in an apartment? Townhouse? Single Family House? How much property do you have? Are you buying or renting? Do you have a mortgage or do you own it free and clear?

Things you should stock up on are canned foods, heirloom seeds, long shelf life foods that are dehydrated or freeze dried, food bars, mre's, filtered and/or spring water, fuel, guns and ammunition, manual can-openers, vitamins, first aide kit. Some long shelf life foods are not as healthy as others.

Our economy is as such that something sudden and drastic could happen, or it could be a slow agonizing economic death. But regardless of who our president is and what party he/she is affiliated with, I think it would be foolish and unwise not to plan and prepare. There's a good possibility that there would be a "power grab" with our constitution being ignored. If you haven't already, start stocking up on the things I have mentioned and others I haven't mentioned that you may think if. Think about whether you would be able to stay in your home, and if not, where you would go and how you would get there. Do you have a vehicle that is paid for? If not, or you won't have any or enough fuel to get around, do you have a bicycle? We need to pressure our elected officials to do everything they can to prevent Martial Law and/or mandatory evacuation to FEMA Centers. It would be bad enough with just violence and looting if the economy collapses.

Pray, pray, pray. But let's discuss these things too!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Six Scenarios Due to an Economic Collapse

Six Possible Scenarios That Could Unfold Due To An Economic Collapse
By Pester Brat; Director of the Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots

 Greetings fellow citizens. I hope as you read this you and your family are well in the Lord. There is much discussion on websites, blogs and social media about what would happen in the event of an economic collapse. At the time this article is being typed, U.S. Debt Clock Dot Org says that our National Debt is over 18 Trillion 12 Billion Dollars and rapidly rising. That comes out to over 56 Thousand Dollars per citizen and over 153 Thousand Dollars per Taxpayer. My 3 grandchildren owe over 56 Thousand Dollars each along with every other small child or granchild. Why? Because of the type of government we have. Since we are a Constituional Republic we are responsible for the actions of our elected officials. Yet it seems that most American Citizens are complacent or oblivious to what is going on, including the Christian community. Numerous Economists out there believe there is nothing that can be done with this runaway economic train. Indeed we are to trust in the Lord, and only those who belong to Christ have nothing to fear. But does that mean we should do nothing? What if the Lord tarries His coming? If (and I mean if) an economic collapse doesn't happen in our lifetime, or we squeek by the rising costs of what we need to live, what about our children and grandchildren? Does doing nothing mean we are being spiritual or selfish? I believe God's word teaches His sovereign control and man's responsibility. God has ordained all things, but that includes the means as well as the end (Isaiah 46:9-11). Anyway, based on my own research, study, reading, what ever you want to call it, I propose to you the following possible scenarios. This article will be even longer than it is if I show every detail of every scenario, so you will have to mix and match these for other possibilities. For those of you who read this and are not Christian, please keep in mind that this is written from a biblical Christian perspective. This should also be posted on our blog, so if you have any suggestions or corrections, you'll be able to respond there.

Best Case Scenario 1

Growing amounts of American Citizens start paying attention and getting involved so that existing or newly elected U.S. Senators and Representatives make the necessary cuts that are needed to eliminate the National Deficit and begin reducing the National Debt. This may or may not help our economic problems if God is judging us due to nationally accepted sins such as abortion and sex outside the bond of marriage between one man and one woman, and there is no repentance. Remember Israel in the Book of Judges?

Best Case Scenario 2

Due to the complacency of Americans and nothing being done, or things tried but not working, excessive amounts of people can't find jobs, become homeless, and are getting hungry. This is part of or coincides with prophetic events in the bible and the resurrection of the dead in Christ and Rapture of the Church which is pre-tribulational, so that the Lord Jesus Christ raises those who died in Him and Raptures the Church (those alive that are born again and trusting in the Person and Finished Work of Christ with a repentant faith) before His people suffer.

Not Worst But Not Best Case Scenario

Due to the complacency of Americans and nothing being done, or things tried but not working, excessive amounts of people can't find jobs, become homeless, and are getting hungry. There are droves and droves of people that cannot pay their mortgages but the mortgage companies realize that it is neither right or beneficial to foreclose on all these homes. Through the warning and informing by numerous groups including the FCCCP, or common sense by various people, many people stocked up on food, water, other necessities, guns and ammunition for protection and hunting, seeds and tools for gardening, and those who have their home paid for share their property with family, friends and others who have no home. The local, state and federal governments do the right thing and suspend various laws whether constitutional or not when it comes to property taxes, fishing, hunting, getting water, living outdoors, etc., and aid rather than force people that could use shelter and food. This happens before the dead in Christ rise and Rapture of the Church prior to the tribulation period.

Worst Case Scenario 1

The economy continues to worsen. Inflation causes food prices to continue to rise, joblessness increases, and most of the jobs available are service-oriented minimum wage jobs that are also decreasing because more and more people cannot afford to eat out and do the many other services. ObamaCare and Amnesty for illegal immigrants make matters worse and citizens become fed up. Those who are not pacifists or believe in trying to resolves things peaceably if possible, become aggressive and violent, provoking the federal government to declare Martial Law and creating a full-blown police state that makes the Constitution worthless or null and void. There is a rebellion against the "empire" reminicent of the Star Wars movies. Those that are considered trouble makers including Christians will be put to death or in FEMA Centers that are already in place if/when captured. This may or may not take place through individual states stepping up to protect their citizens causing another war between the like-minded states and the federal government who now have the help of the U.N. Many Christians who prefer not be part of such a war will be forced to take sides. People will die from hunger and the war as this happens before the dead in Christ rise and the Rapture of the Church which is pre-tribulational.

Worst Case Scenario 2

The economy continues to worsen. Inflation causes food prices to continue to rise, joblessness increases, and most of the jobs available are service-oriented minimum wage jobs that are also decreasing because more and more people cannot afford to eat out and do the many other services. ObamaCare and Amnesty for illegal immigrants make the economy even worse. The globalists and federal government create a "false flag event," or take advantage of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. The federal government declares Martial Law and the rest of the events described in Section IV above takes place.

Worst Case Scenario 3

The economy continues to worsen. Inflation causes food prices to continue to rise, joblessness increases, and most of the jobs available are service-oriented minimum wage jobs that are also decreasing because more and more people cannot afford to eat out and do the many other services. ObamaCare and Amnesty for illegal immigrants make the economy even worse. To lessen the impact of the sinking U.S. and world economies, the world goes to a common currency which will lead to a one world government during a 7 year tribulation period. Christians will go through this tribulation period because the dead in Christ don't rise and the Rapture of the Church does not happen until the end of this 7 year tribulation period.

Let's continue to hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and pray God's will is done!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 Year Old Blog Post on the Economy and Constitution

I wrote the following blog post almost 5 years ago. It is even more relevant now as things have gotten much worse and our country and way of life is even in more danger. Look at what the national debt was then. According to www.usdebtclock.org it is now over 18 TRILLION Dollars, with the cost per citizen being over $56,000 each and cost per taxpayer over $153,000 each. :-(

The Government, Economy, Constitution, Conspiracy Theories, Etc
I haven't had a personal post in quite some time now. There has been a lot going on in our country that I think would be wise to address. I am at times misunderstood by a few so let me make a few statements before I proceed:

1. I am neither a Republican or Democrat and don't think that our current problems are the fault of the current administration alone.

2. I am not a racist. I did not vote for President Obama because he is too liberal among other things, not because of his skin color. I agree with much that Alan Keyes holds to and may very well have voted for him if he was on the recent ballot.

3. I do not believe all conspiracy theories are true and don't know if any of them are true. I post some of the videos and articles in that catagory for information, consideration, and as a 'just in case it's could happen' scenario.

Having said these things though, I think someone would have to have their 'head in the sand' to not believe that there are serious problems that will most likely bring about some major changes to our way of life. I have been doing what I can to prepare my family for a 'worse case scenario' with our economy and government. I don't advocate a violent revolution but I also don't think we as Christian Citizens are required to submit to the government if they are not following the Constitution of the United States since they have sworn to uphold it.

I think the signs and conditions exist for a major economic collapse and think it's possible that it's what the 'powers that be' want. While greed abounds with many, power and control is even a greater desire by many. They seem to want a one world government that would begin with or include a North American Union, and they have been concerned about population growth for a while now. According to the U.S. Debt Clock we are over 12.1 TRILLION dollars in debt as a nation, which breaks down to over 39K per citizen and over 111K per taxpayer. Come on people, what do we think this will come to? China is our biggest creditor nation, and it is not easy to find products that are not made in China with the exception of food.

I think that most of of our elected officials (regardless of party affiliation) need to be voted out of office and that we need to repent of our 'two party system' mentality. I don't think capitalism is a perfect system, but socialism just won't work in a sin cursed society. I think patriotism is good, right and important, but I also think that some blur the line of Christianity and Patriotism.

I do believe that Christians have a responsibility and privilege to be active in the political process since God in His providence has ordained our type of government. But I don't believe that worship services should be replaced with political pep rallies. If Christians cooperating with other religions and groups prevent them from sharing the gospel with them, then they shouldn't work with them in my opinion. I think we should return to or continue to legislate morality but it is only the gospel accompanied by regeneration of the Holy Spirit that will change hearts, lives and society.

As Christians, we should continue to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and look forward to being with Him for eternity. This world is not our home, we are just a passin' through :-). We are ambassors for Christ here and citizens of Heaven. Indeed, we are in the world but not to be of the world. But we are IN THE WORLD. We do what we can when we can by the grace of God, while realizing that God is in sovereign control and has His plans and purposes. Most Christians have probably been influenced by our culture almost as much if not just as much as non Christians. I think that pastors and Christians should inform and try to prepare people for what may be coming, just in case it indeed does happen. And by the way, I also don't think that if these things do happen to our country, it means it's necessarily 'Rapture time.' This is our country and I love it under God. But we are not better than any other country that has gone or is going through times of tribulation. Remember, God's word does say we will have tribulation.

Thank you for reading, and may God continue to bless His own.